Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whitney Museum of American Art

That is a picture of the ceiling in the entrance to the museum.

Renee did not have to go to the hospital today. They decided to give her a one day break from for the medication. We had thought we would like to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art again sometime, but it didn't seem like a wise idea to go on a Saturday, when it would it would be so jam-packed full of people.
Renee read up online what other museum we could go to that sounded interesting and she found this one. It wasn't nearly as big, so it also matched her energy level a bit more and it wasn't very far away. It had a very large exhibit of Kara Walker's art. We had seen a small exhibit of her work at the MOMA when we were here two years ago. We also really enjoyed the Lawrence Weiner exhibit.

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