Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily Grace

A big thank you to my "Bowling" sisters for the book they sent me for Christmas. If any of the ladies from the bowling league reads this, will you pass it on. I do want to write you a thank you card, but have just not got around to it yet. They sent me teh book you see in the picture. They sure knew what I would need. I might add that most of these readings apply to men just as well.

I had finished the novel by Barbara Kingsolver, "The Poisonwood Bible" - a very enjoyable read, very funny and very sad - very well written.

The Daily Grace was my reading material yesterday at the hospital. It was one of those extremely noisy days. There was this one child that was just crying and crying. I was almost ready to pull out my hair. Renee had her I-pod. I want Ray to buy me one for my birthday, but I don't think I can wait that long. Sure could have used one yesterday. After the crying finally subsided, there was a father doing dance therapy with his son, singing very loudly. That sounded better than the crying. It was just hard to take since I had only slept for about 4 hours the night before.

Back to the Daily Grace - every single page I read was jam-packed full of stuff that was just so applicable to our situation and the same would go for every situation that you all are going through. God will be there for you.

The one I read just now, brought the tears to my eyes again: God in Proportion to Our Needs. "He was there --all that I needed of Him. More than I could ever remember experiencing before. God understood the magnitude of my need and came accordingly -- God coming in proportion to my need. " "Dear God, Great is my need, but even greater are you! You know my situation more intimately than I know it myself, and ask you to intervene on my behalf and give me the grace I need to endure. Thank You for being my ever-present help in this time of need. I put my trust in You. Amen."

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