Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Fog of Yesterday

"You don't need to see the way, if you follow the One who is the Way." - Daily Bread.
Jesus is the Way, the ONE and only way to God, to heaven - up, not down.

"The brilliance of Christianity is that the fog of today will always be burned by the light of God's tomorrow."
- G.Campbell Morgan

We woke up yesterday morning in Florida enshrouded in fog. It seemed so symbolic of how we were feeling, of not knowing where we are going, as far as the business is concerned. The Bible reading and the devotional from the Daily Bread was once again just right for us for that day - about Abraham leaving the land of Ur to follow God to the Promised Land.

It was cloudy in Florida the whole week we were there, except the day we arrived. Throughout this last month as we have been struggling with these painful business issues, Ray has been reminding himself and me that the sky is still blue, trying to find something positive to keep from feeling completely overwhelmed. As we lifted off the ground into the air, up above the clouds the sky was indeed blue! A more beautiful blue, than I've ever seen, with the tops of the clouds reflecting the glorious sunshine! It was so bright, I asked the lady in the window seat to pull down the shade!

As it turned out, God placed me next to a precious sister in the Lord. We had a long conversation about talking to Papa God, our loving, merciful, faithful, heavenly Father - along those lines.

The message this morning was again so timely. The above quote was part of the sermon that was based on Acts 16:4-10. "When God says 'NO' - Troas Times." See Ray's blog for the notes.

"Better is one day in your Courts than a Thousand Elsewhere."

"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on God. We will go from strength to strength." Darlene Zschech

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