Friday, January 11, 2008

God is a God of Comfort

I was so thankful yesterday that we know the God, the God who is the God of comfort. But sometimes I just have to indulge myself in the luxury of a good cry, not a cry of self pity, but just releasing the emotions. It seems to help to clear my vision, to be able to focus again on things that really matter, on God and eternity.

Ray and I were doing our Bible and devotional reading together on the phone last night, finding comfort from God's Word during this time of trouble. Those business issues are trying to weigh us down and take our focus away from God. Please pray for wisdom to know what is the right thing to do at this time.

Two of Renee's cousins are going to be here next week. Monique is coming on Sunday and Krista is coming on Thursday. It will be a nice break for Renee to have some body else to keep her company, other than her mom and dad. Ray and I want to have a little time of relaxation. We are not sure yet where we should go, or what God wants us to do. I slept better last night, so that should help to make this a better day.

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