Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!...whether you have a sweetheart to share it with or not....just spread a bit of love around to whoever is in your circle of influence.

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Barenaked Ladies, is playing on my iPodi. I'm going through all the songs in alphabetic order. Renee made a CD for me from her collection before Christmas...including some Christmas music. This CD will always be a very precious treasure. I need to upload some more music!

Back to Tuesday, February 12...which was my actual birthday, although we started celebrating on Saturday due to the circumstances. It was snowing on Tuesday. I had always wanted to see Central park with snow. Now was my chance. Renee was feeling well enough to go with us. We got a few nice photos, although it was dark but the time we got there.

A big thank you to God that Renee felt good enough to go out and thanks to my wonderful parents-in-law, who sent the money along with Gloria for this birthday dinner. If Renee would not have felt good enough, we would have ordered in food, but that is not the same as eating out. We went to Persepolis...a Persian restaurant. They claim they have the oldest cuisine in the world. We had a very pleasant evening.

Yesterday, the 13th, Gloria and I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gloria, who lived in Egypt for over three years wanted to see the Egyptian exhibit which was very okay with me, since I had never spent very much time in that part of the museum. The whole thing is so big it could take several days to see everything properly.

It was pouring raining. We were quite soggy by the time we got to the museum. We went through the park, so I could take some more pictures. And we did a photo shoot in the Egyptian Room which has a big glass wall on one side. That was fun! (It seems like I can only post two pictures on this blog, so I will do some in a seperate blog.)

It was so nice to have Gloria here, but then before we knew it, it was time for her to leave! Her next stop was Ottawa to see Bernie and Caroline, who are also going through a very difficult situation in their family. Pray for them.
Another big thank you to God for answering prayer. Ray's visit to Vidir Machine went a lot better than he had expected. I am so happy that he had the freedom to visit with the staff for an hour, presenting roses to Chris, who has been his assistant for many years and to the other ladies in the office. Flowers would have been appropriate for this occassion, no matter what time of the year it would have been.

There is still a lot of grief and anger that we have to deal with by the grace of God.

Ray had a quick bite to eat with Alayna, Justin, and Kara for Valentine's Day, before Alayna had to dash off to work. The other three were going out for dessert after that.

Renee and I might go out later for a bite too eat or maybe just for dessert and tea to celebrate Valentine's day. Right now she is sleeping. I should go to sleep, but there are so many emails and blogs to write and phone calls to make.


I don't think we will go out yet. It is 10:01 already.

All day I thought it was Wedneday, but tomorrow is Friday. I don't know how that works. Each day seems at least as long as two days and yet the weeks go by surprisingly fast. How does that work?

Anyway, that means that Ray is coming back tomorrow, and maybe we can go out for a little Valentine celebration then!

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